Essay on The Book Thief By Markus Zusak

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Emphasis on Pivotal Experiences
Human experiences are bountiful, unique and inconsistent, they are an essential part of life that all individuals will confront. Every experience has copious amounts of variables and actions. These varying experiences affect a person 's point of view, and can gravely change how they are perceived or how they act. Some experiences can be results of the people around the individual and how they affect daily life. Other Experiences can impact an individual 's will to survive in a society where the majority is against them. In Markus Zusak 's novel, The Book Thief, the author uses characterization to suggest that significant experiences profoundly impact an individual 's life.

Liesel, the novel’s protagonist encounters an abundance of experiences that weigh deeply on her actions, and how he she interacts with her foster family. Liesel is vulnerable, optimistic and petulant because of her experiences throughout the novel. On the way to her foster home she loses her brother, and then her mother once she is dropped off. Her brother’s death left her shaken and “every night Liesel [has] nightmares” of her brothers face and and her mother leaving her, forever. This experience Makes Liesel vulnerable, and unwilling to accept her new family. Her recent loss makes it harder for to accept Rosa and Hans Hubermann into her life, impacting Liesel 's ability to trust others. Liesel’s, cautious personality development is changes due to her experience with…

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