The Book Thief: A Literary Analysis

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Growing up is tough. Even more so under the oppressive grip of the Nazi regime. Just as Liesel thought she was getting used to her chaotic life, a tempest was breaching the horizon. To repay a debt to a friend her father helps shelter a Jew. To help cope with all the stress Liesel continues doing what she does best, getting lost in books. Lucky for her their new Semite family member spends his time in the basement recycling the pages of Mein Kampf into an imaginative children’s book. Their habitual reading sessions help them both through these troubling times. I plan to delve deeper into the many conflicts of The Book Thief. One conflict experienced in the book is Liesel and Rudy. This is a unique conflict because it is really a competitive …show more content…
From the beginning, Hans is presented as a humble, fair man. He is shown helping out Jews even when the rest of the town hated them. It appears that everyone is against Hans’ beliefs even his son tells him to join the Nazi Party. I think Hans has a distaste for the Nazi’s because of their hatred and unfair treatment of Jews. He states his denial of the party to his family frequently: "Mistakes? I've made many mistakes in my life, but not joining the Nazi Party isn't one of them" (Zusak 104). This explicitly presents how Hans trusts that the Nazi party beliefs are wrong. I also know that Hans shows favor towards Jews because in World War I a Jew saved his life. To repay his debt to the Jew who saved his life Hans takes in his savior’s son. Hans probably also took in a Jew to save him from prosecution and feel good about saving at least one person. Even being nice Jew is wrong in the Nazi society. Hans knew this but still took in the Jew against society’s values.. These conflicts have molded all the characters differently. The reader is led by the narrator, Death, through the tumultuous events of The Book Thief. Death watches as the book thief is kneaded by the calloused hands of time.☺ The characters in the story are seemingly sculpted by life and eventually received as gifts by Death. Only time will show if Leisel will be able to avoid the cold embrace of Death and survive the devouring flames of the

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