The Book ' The Liars Game ' Essay

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The Liars Game

Over the last several years of my life, my relationship with my father has been rocky and it still is. I remember more than once my father had broken his promises and ignored me. He then pretends it never happened and tries to smooth things over. It makes me so furious to see and know that he does this and does not even own up to his responsibilities as my father. I refuse to call him “father” outside of an essay, but for the sake of the essay, he will thus be referred to as “my father”.

It was twenty twelve; the plan was that we would go to Pittsburgh for the day and come back home. I was ready; I had all my things ready to go. I had my things to spend the night at my father’s house and money to spend in Pittsburgh. We start on our way and I noticed that he had taken the wrong direction; I then spoke up about it. My father proceeded to tell me that we were not in fact going to Pittsburgh. We were going back to his house because he did not feel like going. I stared at him in shock; I could not believe what I was hearing! All this time that I had saved my money, planning this day that we would get to spend together, gone in a few simple words. I was furious to say the least; steam was coming from my ears. I was so angry at him that I made him turn around and take me home. I couldn’t deal with my father at that moment. I felt as if I would explode on him. From then on I was untrusting of my father; he did not contact me again…

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