Essay on The Book ' The Harbinger Of Monsters '

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“Now, where are the monsters you spawned?” I say, looking around. The Miasma is also called ‘the harbinger of monsters’ because once it’s gone, monsters appear. Behind me, the ghost town still stands, whereas in front of me is utterly obliterated. There is nothing but crushed pieces of wood and metals—empty of life. Nothing stands beyond my feet. As I stay vigilant, there is no monster that jumped straight at me. Where are the monsters?
I look up again. There are tens of floating veiled figures around the hole I made in the sky. They wear spotless white robes that are loose enough for me to be unable to identify their gender, and their figures looks human. They extend their palms upward. A huge red magic circle forms between them, and rather than flat, it looks like an umbrella protruding toward me. Danger.
I attempt to escape, but metallic chains rise from the ground and shackles me. I immediately formed obscure Azure and Golden symbols materializes on the back of my hand, however, they are blocked by the chains before they can go outside my hand.
“Who are you?” I shout, as I attempt to break free.
No answer. Despite me trying to escape, they are still casting the magic array.
A horn blares behind me. I see this huge vehicle with two blinding lights racing closer. I shut tight my eyes and brace myself for the impact. After the skidding, the vehicle crashes into me, throwing my body away. It cracks my bones and my limbs twist in a strange direction—I can’t move. Rather, I…

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