Essay on The Book ' The Farm '

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The farm
Once in a while you will hear about a mystical place on the planet where you have to go visit at least once before you die. this is a tale about tow men who went on that mystical journey.
Johnny was 46 years old, heavy set and a bit out of shape but still decent looking for a man of his gae. he had been a succefull entrepneur but had been divorced for several years and was aching for adventure.
His firend rococo was in the same category. he was a school buddy of his who had hung up with him in the small town they grew up in. He also was making good money from his gagrage business. Both men had decided to take a chance trip when they got a tip from a guy who happened to drop by rocoo garage several month back. the story of the guy intrigued both men enough that they decided to take a chance on the information that guy give to them and they went out to seek their luck.
Johnny had ridden his chooper all day long in the beautiful sun of the state. He and his buddy rocco had decided to go the the place alled the farm. they were almos there just s few hours more of enjoying the sun on their motorbikes. The middle aged men were on a mission. They had heard about a place where one could enjoy himself and do whatever they pleased. A place where there was no restrictions as long as the people involved were willing to participate.
They stopped at a gas station and filled out their bikes with gasoline.
Man this trip is killing me said Johnny. its been a lond ride.
Tes said…

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