Essay on The Book ' The Bernstein Bears '

790 Words Nov 9th, 2015 4 Pages
Recently I’ve been exploring a new and fairly bizarre concept of physiological psychology claiming that most of our most vivid memories are actually wrong. It seems so deeply frightening that our most detailed and intense memories may not be nearly as truthful as we think. Memories that we as individuals are absolutely POSITIVE about may actually be distorted and/or fabricated in our own minds without us consciously being aware of it. One cooky discrepancy in the realm of (what I strongly believe to be) my own memories is that I clearly remember my favorite children’s book being titled “ The Bernstein Bears,” when in fact it is actually called “The Bernstain Bears,” and has always been titled as such. Apparently, I’m not alone in this… there is a whole conspiracy about the title of the book. One of my friends had caught wind of this wild phenomenon and had told me about the Bernstein/Bernstain bears debate and I absolutely went into a panic. For her, it was just a little odd because she vaguely remembered it as “Bernstein” bears as well. However, for me it was particularly bizarre because it just so happened to be my absolute favorite storybook from my childhood. We had every single book in which the so called “Bernstain Bears” were featured in. And what’s even weirder, is that I vividly remember cleaning out the attic a little less than a year ago and pausing to give my once favorite series of book one nostalgic last look. I remember, without a shadow of a doubt, the books…

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