The Book That I Have Read Gives You A Good Understanding Of What It Is Through The Title

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The book that I have read gives you a good understanding of what it is through the title. It takes you through the many years that Métis have been living in and around Saint-Laurent. It gives you more of an idea of what is going on by including pictures, graphs and sometimes even passages said in French. Nicole tells us how different people that lived in the areas traded, hunted and overall just lived in these different villages. She goes into detail on how these Métis were also part of a lot of census’. These census’ included the amount of men, women, children and also sometimes included their occupation. As in farmer, hunter, etc. There are also some more in detail census’, for example, some count how many households, how many children attend school, how many people in the village speak English, etc. Nicole goes into enough detail that she describes the emotions and feelings of different people in the book. Thus the scripts in French come from. Some of the villagers and settlers wrote some passages in French. It was good though because Nicole also added the translation of the passages in English. It’s not all happy in this book though. The farmers living the villages went through an extreme famine. In fact people in the villages were so distraught about this famine they often did not allow outsiders to pass through the village. It was terrible for the farmer’s because the poor soil led to poor crops. This affected trade in the area since not as much crops…

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