The Book ' Shame ' By Dick Gregory Essay

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Fear has been a conflicting characteristic that has steered mankind ever since there was a mankind. Dick Gregory shows this through one of his past time stories titled “Shame.” This piece of literature portrays an adult’s point of view on a child’s personality. Furthermore, we can see how a weakness of fear can be just as relevant to an adult as it can be to a child. This story gives us examples of fear through immaturity, humility, and abuse.
Everyone is immature to some extent. Not necessarily immature as in making a perverted joke, but more so doing something that is generically childish or naïve. In the first paragraph of “Shame” the speaker admits to a love for a girl in his class. Then, the speaker opens the second paragraph with “Everybody’s got a Helene Tucker” (134). Perhaps the speaker is not referring to literally a girl or boy in your class that you like, but something that you simply idolize or sacrifice for. This is a natural immaturity that everyone possesses and does out of a need for desire/idolization (or a fear of being without one). Later in the piece, the speaker explains a community chest system through the school students getting money from their fathers. Since the child of the story has no father (which is not explained until later in the story) then he would not be able to participate in this. However, the speaker of the story explains that the child intends “to buy a daddy right then” (135) with his own money. It is not uncommon for one…

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