The Book of Romans Essay

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Dylan Henry
BIBL 110-D32
November 18, 2013
Biblical Worldview Essay

The book of Romans is considered, by many in Christianity, to be the greatest book comprised in the Holy Bible. This is a very strong view to hold, considering the great details of Jesus and His ministry that are given in the book of Luke, the direct, to the point style of truth written by James, and the great lessons of faith in Hebrews. The other books in the New Testament are all great within themselves also but, Romans is very distinctive in itself. Written by the Apostle Paul, Romans can be viewed as the Christian Life handbook or the Christianity 101 manual. When we read Romans, we can see that Paul took every thought and possible counter thought by any
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Paul addresses the perverted abomination of homosexuality and lesbianism. He shows them so succinctly, that what God formed in the Garden of Eden, the union of man and woman, has now become twisted, all due to sin filling the hearts of mankind.

In summary, Paul attempts to show them that sin blankets the hearts of every single person. Because man has the inner inclination to reject God and anything about Him, they are slaves to their carnal, ungodly nature. By living this way, a person will never please God. He lets them know that God is not going to let sin go unpunished and that, faith in Christ Jesus death on the cross and His resurrection paid the penalty for the sin of mankind. Through this faith we are justified before God and made alive in Him. No longer is the Christian bound to obey the Law because of the Holy Spirit dwelling on the inside of the believer. Although we will certainly suffer persecution from those that don’t know God, he assures them that God will reward us, if we don’t faint and give up.


Romans chapter 1-8, New International Version,

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