The Book Of Negroes By Lawrence Hill Essay

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When people migrate from their homeland or where they have live for most of their lives, they must make a decision. They either assimilate to the new place where they live or stay true to themselves by maintaining their heritage which forms their identity. Aminata Diallo, the central character of the novel, The Book of Negroes written by Lawrence Hill, has to make that decision. Aminata sits down to pen the story of her long life by writing down her journey from when she is abducted, enslaved, and finally when she decides to upon her hard life and put an end to slavery. Through Aminata’s journey she faces difficult hardships but maintains her identity by staying true to herself, which is an effective and powerful form of resistance. Aminata’s journey starts when she is abducted by captors from her village, Bayo at the age of eleven. During Aminata’s long walk to the Atlantic Ocean she eventually discovers that there are people who do not know her, love her or care whether she lives or dies (Hill 43). Although she is facing an obstacle that is certainly a life or death situation Aminata never loses hope. The reason behind it is her parents. Aminata’s parents play a focal role in Aminata’s survival and also forming her identity which she uses as an ultimate act of resistance. Aminata carries on her parent’s values and beliefs in her journey and uses it as resistance towards the captor’s punishment. For instance, in the novel Aminata is a freeborn Muslim who values her…

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