The Book Of James Book Analysis

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Introduction All of the epistles have varying themes that address specific problem in specific churches at specific times. These epistles were letters that are still relevant to Christians in today’s society. They address issues relating to love, faith, and hope. Many people suggest reading these epistles to people new to the Christian faith, because they provide practical ways to but ones faith into action. One of the epistles that specifically talk about faith is the book of James.
Historical Context
The book of James was written by James, who was the half-brother of Jesus. It was written in Jerusalem, where James lived at the time, and was written around 40 to 50 AD. It is assumed that the book was written before 50 AD, because James
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“One [generalization] is that James emphasizes through repetition, so that the more important topics are treated in more than one place” (Allison 78). This literary observation is important to note since repetition is a well proven method to get a point across and remembered by the reader. The commentator goes on to include a concept of inclusio, which is a biblical literary device where the author’s idea is placed at the beginning and end of the written work. This can be seen as a repetitive concept rather than a normal introduction and conclusion since it is stated again but with a significant span of concept within the epistle. Allison personally disagrees with this opinion siding with those who think this epistle is too disorganized to contain such a parallel structure. He states “James can repeat key phrases and ideas without thereby creating an inclusio” which can be taken by the reader as they choose. This literary concept is something that is to be interpreted by the reader and how they choose to apply the work to their

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