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Elena Moya
Mrs. Fayter
English 10 Honors
January 16, 2011

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Charcoal hair soft-colored brows and blush ash smeared checks, an unshaven look
Looks like all the other fire fighters
At the beginning Montag was content and satisfied with his job and life
After meeting Clarisse he became confused
Admitted he is unhappy
He feels a deep sense of guilt and pain because of the condition of society
It was Montag curiosity that led him to a deeper place of refection and thought

Dynamtic in literature or drama, a character who undergoes a permanent change in outlook or character during the story; also called

Montag asserts, "Maybe the books can get us
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When all firemen are destroyed, there will no longer be anyone to burn the books. To keep each other posted on the progress they are making and to boost each other's spirit, the two men communicate constantly by way of a small two-way radio, invented by Faber and planted in Montag's ear.
The people around Montag grow increasingly alarmed at his behavior. Beatty grows suspicious that Montag may be stealing and hiding books instead of burning them; he sets the Mechanical Hound of Montag's trail in order to frighten him into confession. Mildred is extremely concerned about the risk that her husband has placed both of them in. When he dares to show one of the books to her neighbor friends, she is too frightened to continue. In the end, she reports him to the authority. As a result, he, as a fireman, must burn his own home. Amazingly, he takes pleasure in seeing it burn.
Through the implanted radio, Faber warns Montag to run, but his feet seem unable to move. When he looks at Beatty, he knows he must destroy the man if he and his plan are to survive. He fires his igniter at his boss and watches him burn. He then tries to escape from the Mechanical Hound. When he is captured, he fights the Hound bravely and manages to escape after the iron creature has injected poison into his leg. As Montag hobbles away to find Faber, he stops at the home of Mrs. Black, who also reported him

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