Essay on The Book Of Acts And The Gospel Into The World

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The book of Acts has always been a favourite to read. It gives a detailed picture of the origin of the early church, the spread of the gospel into the world which in turn was the beginning of the Christian faith.
The authorship of the book of Acts has always been debated and tested, but it is generally agreed that the author of Acts is the same person who wrote the third gospel. It is commonly known that Acts is a sequel to the third gospel, referred to as the ‘first book’. The author is thought by most to be Luke, a gentile physician and a travelling companion of the apostle Paul. The book was addressed to Theophilus, a Roman aristocrat and a believer in Jesus Christ. He is also thought to have been a patron who had financially aided having the manuscripts printed and distributed. Although the exact location of where the book was written cannot be confirmed, there have been many arguments of differing locations including Caesarea, Achaia, Ephesus and Rome. There are two main views regarding the dating of Acts. Firstly, it is proposed that Acts was written in AD 62-64 around the time of of the events which mark its end, and before the persecution of Nero, the martyrdoms of Peter and Paul and the Fall of Jerusalem. The second view argues that it must be later, after the Gospel of Mark was written, which is held to be in the mid-60s. Therefore, some believe it to be written in the 70s or 80s. Scholarship, evangelical or otherwise, is split on this issue and, it…

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