The Book Night By Elie Wiesel Essay

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The realization that humans can make decisions based on certain traits in common groups and condemn them to brutal experiments, hard labor, or inhumane deaths is devastating and difficult to understand. These circumstances did occur in Germany from January 30, 1933 to May 8, 1945. The Nazi Party, under Hitler, decides groups like Romanis, Communists, Jews, Homosexuals, Jehovah 's Witnesses does not deserve Human Rights. The harsh actions of the Nazi Party are known as the Holocaust. The book Night by Elie Wiesel, is a written memoir describing his first account of being one of the many select groups in the infamous concentration camp Auschwitz. Elie Wiesel’s first account illustrates that Human Rights are necessary to keep people from being dehumanized. One example of a human right Holocaust victims are forbidden to have is the right to their own things (UN General Assembly).When the Holocaust victims left their house in the ghetto to be taken to their camps, they were able to keep a backpack of valuables with them in the wagon. When arriving at Auschwitz, the Wiesel family, along with the other victims, were being told to leave “the beloved objects that [they have to carry] with [them] … in the wagon” (Wiesel 29). The little amount of valuables the family could keep could not harm the Nazis. The Nazi soldiers were taking the backpacks to belittle the victims and to make them feel more like animals than humans. After taking their belongings, the next thing to take is their…

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