The Book ' Monsters ' By Ken Dahl Essay

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Americans today tend to believe that English literature holds the greatest writing of all time dating back to Shakespearian’s time to Ken Dahl’s Monsters. But what is literature? Well according to the Oxford English Dictionary, literature is a “written work valued for superior or lasting artistic merit (OED)”. Many may argue whether or not Monsters is a valid literary contribution to English literature. Likewise, Monsters has many aspects to be a contribution to English literature. Conversely, Monsters does not share various characteristics that would be a valid literary contribution. Ken Dahl uses STD’s or Herpes to create a plot for his novel. Arguably, in many eyes this book may be defined as “disgusting” or “sickening” due to the language and the graphic pictures. Therefore, I am writing about Monsters in order to argue that this not a valid contribution to English literature which will help readers to better understand the graphic novel. To start off, like many literary books, Monsters uses Ken as the main character in the graphic novel. Ken Dahl acknowledges a typical American life throughout the book. As the prominent philosopher Ken Dahl puts it, “Where I worked (Dahl 8)”, illustrating an imagine of a typical minimum wage job. In other words, the details drawn in the graphic shows the artistic creativity the philosopher Ken Dahl admires. Ken is working at a typical over the counter job and provides customer service. Like many, Ken is unhappy with his job and…

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