The Book Monster By Walter Dean Meyer Essay

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In the book Monster written by Walter Dean Meyer, Steve Harmon, a 16 year old black boy, is by going a trial determining if he will spend his life in jail or not. Steve’s outcome of the trial was not guilty with which many would most likely not agree with. In what was supposed to be just a robbery turned into the murdering of Nesbitt, the murder with which Steve was allegedly the look out for the whole thing. Most believe he is guilty, but not on the account of murder just on the robbery. He knew all along that the robbery was going to happen and he could have done something to prevent it from even happening. Steve should have been guilty on the account of accessory to manslaughter. Steve Harmon, James King, and Bobo Evens all knew about the robbery. King and Bobo were to commit the actual crime as Steve was suppose to be the lookout. King and Steve had talked a couple times before the robbery happened and Bobo was the one who picked out the spot to rob. Sandra Petrocelli, the Assistant District Attorney, called them “monsters” in front of the jury during the trial. Not to mention, Kathy O’Brien, Steve’s Defense Attorney, never fully believed Steve in his innocence and was very suspicious of him. Even though she had her doubts she tried her best to defend Steve.

By way of example, Steve knew about the murder ever since he had talked to King about it. He is not just being accused of something he had no doing in. The robbery was thoroughly thought up between King, Bobo, and…

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