The Book ' Leadership And Self Deception ' Essay

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In Leadership and Self-Deception, the book reminds leaders to see people as people and not objects. Through a narrative story, Bud, Lou and Kate teach Tom several important principles including: the concept of the box, collusion, and how to get out of the box. These principles laid the foundation for the overarching lesson from the book which is that as a leader who does or does not possess these qualities will have an effect on the culture of the organization we are leading. The concept of the box is simply how one views people in relation to him/herself. If we are viewing someone as lesser than ourselves, we are viewing them as an object. However, if we view someone as equal to ourself we see them as a person. The book also highlights that this is a choice that each person makes multiple times a day. We are not born with the in the box mindset toward somone, we make the decision to be in the box toward them. It is also important to note that being in the box can only last a short amount of time-- a few minutes or a day, but other times we carry these ideas with us and it last for a very long time-- even years. In my own life after reading this book, I have noticed lots of times I have been in the box toward someone for a short amount of time, but I also notice that at times I have been in the box toward someone for a very long time. The second principle: Collusion gives a warning of how detremental being in the box toward someone can be--especially for a long time.…

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