The Book Killer Angels Book Essay

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The book Killer Angels book is about American Civil War. From my point of view I think the cause of the Civil War it really about slavery. The reason it about slavery is because in our lection class we been talking about slavery ever since after the colony war with England.
American Civil War began in 1861 when the South attack the union army. The war begin right after the south left the Union. The states that left the Union are about 11 State. Many southerners left the state because they believe they did not have State right about slave. Slavery has been around for a long time long before the Civil War began. Before I talk about the Civil War, I will explain what caused the war. The very first anti-Slavery was in April 14, 1774 and their organization name was Free Negro unlawful Held Bound. This organization was the very start which is the seed that just has been planted on the ground. In lection class we also talk about John Woolman start an argument saying “slave is like a 2 edge of sword”. What the argument is trying to said is anyone who owne another human is corrupted and sell soul. In 1783 the state of Massachusetts is the only state who took Thomas Jefferson word for words saying all men create equal. As slavery goes on, many problem appear in United State. We can said that American is just started to stand on their feet and not everything is going well because only 7 out of 13 state use paper money. This is also the time when Shays rebellion was rushing because of…

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