The Book ' Geek Love ' Essay

773 Words Dec 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
I would say that the development of my reading throughout the semester was a puzzle being constantly worked on and added to. I started out the semester at the point in the puzzle where the edges were complete and I could see the big picture being revealed to me. I knew the basics of reading and interpreting and had the necessary skills to effectively tackle whatever piece of literature chosen for us. However, I was missing major sections of the puzzle and had gaps in my knowledge. I never had an appreciation for poetry or quite as deep of understandings of literature that this class helped me to achieve. The biggest impact on me of all of the pieces of literature that we read was Geek Love. How was it that a novel so twisted and maniacal could be so intriguing and alluring? While the magical realism aspect made it otherworldly, it was still relatable because Katherine Dunn pulled me along with the story and left me wondering about the characters and where the circus would take them next. While any good novel should persuade in this way, the fact that the plot was so unique compared to anything else I have read made this novel certainly stand out. Like I mentioned before, I never had a real interest in reading poetry before this class. While this type of writing was introduced to me in high school, the different genres were never explained to me so I did not understand the fact that diversity was key in making sure that there was a type of poem that everyone could…

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