The Book Fire Of The Ashes By Jonathan Kozal Essay

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In the book Fire In The Ashes by Jonathan Kozal , who is a famous award-winning author and writer, he shares a story about a girl named Pineapple and the problem in her school at, P.S 65. Teachers in her school would often leave before the year ended. The school itself would have unprepared teachers hired as well. When Pineapple reached the 2nd grade 28 of 50 members of the school had left and half those people, never taught a day in their lives. During Pineapple’s 3rd and 4th grade years, she had a total of seven teachers (173). Poverty has a direct correlation with how students are unable to study properly and progress through the school system.
Many school children in the United States are currently living in record levels of poverty. Steve Suitts author of the article “Students Facing Poverty,” points out that “low-income students are the majority in 21 states” (36) which really puts an emphasis of how bad poverty is in the current day. Trinette Marquis-Hobbs who wrote “Enriching the lives of Students in Poverty,” confirmed Suitts point. She states “one of every five public schools was classified as a high-poverty school in 2011 by the U.S. Department of education” (36). Through this we are made aware of the poverty that surrounds us in our current day and age, as well as the increasing levels that may occur unless something is done about it. On the contrary Amy Wells paves the way in which we can benefit in the future as she mentions “school integration seems poised to…

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