The Book Discipleship By Dietrich Bonhoeffer Essay

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The book Discipleship was written by Dietrich Bonhoeffer and was published in 1937. It was his fourth volume of sixteen and has also been published under the title The Cost of Discipleship. Bonhoeffer was a pastor in Germany that was later arrested, imprisoned and executed by the Nazis.
Discsipleship is based on the belief that being a Christian and follower of Jesus comes at a cost, which is why he literally differentiates between costly grace and cheap grace. Costly grace is what is required. Cheap grace will destroy the church. We are called to be disciple and it is necessary to include Jesus Christ and give your life to following Christ. Simple obedience to God is necessary. There is a need to suffer as Christ suffered if we pick up the cross to follow Jesus.
The book also focuses on Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. Jesus discusses those that are blessed and why they are blessed and also the kingdom of heaven. Jesus discusses faith-community and what is required of disciples including reconciliation with others. The book discusses Jesus and his righteousness. Jesus gives instructions in dealing with those who cause harm to his followers and believers. The book addresses the question as to whether to literally or figuratively take the commands of Jesus.
The book then addresses the Church and discipleship and looks at some basic questions, baptism, the body of Christ and the visible Church-Community. The book also covers Saints – members called by God. Included in this…

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