The Book Control Officer On Ft Riley Essay

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As the Book Control Officer on Ft Riley, duties are to issue, receive and train officers and their lower enlisted soldiers on how to maintain accountability for meal card books; which is a control item. At one point the Meal Card Control Officer requested that he Meal Card Controllers be giving a class on how to maintain accountability of control books. While giving the verbal block of instructions no one asked any question. Once I completed the verbal portion of the class, a demonstration of the process was also implemented in class. Afterward, I asked were there any question; no questions. Therefore, I assumed that everyone was ready for the hand on a portion of the class.
Therefore, I pared the soldiers, two by two; one was to issue the card and the other one was to receive the card. However, they all fail miserably. They assumed that all army’s forms are self-explanatory. Therefore, we did it together step by step. Each group was given the military form (DA Form 4809) the issuer filed out block a, b, d and gave the form to the receiver for signature. Upon signing the DA Form 4809 and the DD Form 714; which completed that transaction. The second go around the receiver stated that they lost the card. Therefore, the issuer had to go to the next line, fill out block c, d, have the receiver sign, make a copy of the DA Form 4809 and close out the copied form then place it in the inactive folder. The original copy was to go to the next line fill out block a,…

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