The Book And Applaud The Efforts Of The American Society Essay

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The reader is left to wonder if there isn’t a larger motive, other than the afterlife connected with religion in the American society. Clearly as defined by the reading these countries are prospering without the fear of God striking them down in retribution to the non-belief of the society. How can this be if everything Americans are led to believe that without religion in their lives, everything that happens will have a negative result.
I would like to step back a bit back in time, take a look at some events that took place that led me to read this book and applaud the effort of the book. As a young child I spent lots of time with my grandparents. I spent almost every summer working on my grandfather’s farm learning what a good hard day’s work was worth. Along with work there was time for play and church. My grandparents felt it necessary to have religion in their lives. With that, as long as I was there I was to attend as well. I always enjoyed the sermons that took place. The church was small the service was short and the people were nice to me. There was a group of children that attended as well; I became friends with several of them. One summer the group was headed to church camp, I was asked if I would like to go. With great enthusiasm, I planned out my vacation at church camp. Well as anyone knows there is more to camp than just relaxation. It’s up early, kitchen duty, classes and a daily church session. It was at my first church session that I was made to feel that…

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