The Book ' Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter ' Essay

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In Seth Grahams’ book Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, the author retells the life president Lincoln young and old using his many journals to show including the influence vampires had on Abe and our nation. The story goes as a young 9-year-old Abraham Lincoln has his family taken away one at a time by his father’s association with vampires leading with a curse from vampires. Ending with his beloved mother death Abe makes a vow that” Henceforth my life shall be one of rigorous study and devotion. / I shall become a master of mind and body. / And this mastery shall have but one purpose. / That purpose is to kill as many vampires as I can”. With this Abe sets forth becoming a gifted, tall, strong man whom all admire for his intelligence and way with words. But he almost meets his death from a vampire but, ironically he is saved by a vampire. From this Abe starts to get missions from the Vampire Henry giving him his experience throughout the early United States. Soon Abe is told of what the true purpose vampires have with America and slaves. So Abe takes it upon himself with the aid of vampires and humans to drive both slavery and vampires for slavery out of the country. Which leads to Abraham’s role in the white house ending with the freedom of slaves all over the United States and vampires alike, but at the cost of his own children deaths and his own life by the end. But once again irony plays its part to allow Abraham see his wish through with he himself becoming a vampire.…

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