The Bones By Jesmyn Ward Essay

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In Salvage the Bones by Jesmyn Ward tells a story about the Batiste family in Bois Sauvage, Mississippi, in the twelve days leading up to hurricane Katerina. Claude Batiste 's wife, mother of Randall, Skeetah, Esch and junior, dies a few years ago, right after Junior was born. The kid’s still life with their father, in an area called the pit. They are poor, black family, who mainly survive on what Calude can make by salvaging scrap metal. The story follows the young heroine Esch and her journey through the hurricane, her pregnancy and acceptance to who she is as a person, along with her inner strength as a women. The concept of femininity and the value of women is a prevalent theme throughout this book. Ward presents different attitudes towards women and femininity that are realized in the main character, Esch, and in her counterpart China. Esch clings to the memory of her mother as her only female influence. Unfortunately, this isn’t very enlightening for Esch. As she ponders her own impending motherhood, she looks to others attitudes and opinions, along with her own thoughts seen through her counterpart China to help her “unlock” her femininity to accept her pending future. Ward unlocks the concept of femininity by sufficing many attitudes towards women, mixed with various symbol and themes leading up to the idea of strength in motherhood and women.
All the characters in this book have various opinions and attitudes that affect Esch with how she chooses to view herself…

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