Essay The Bombing Of The United States

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Meanwhile back in Europe, Hitler had taken over Germany in 1933 and he had planned to take over all of europe. But, on December 11, 1941 Hitler declared war on the United States, one year before the start of the Manhattan Project. Ever since Hitler had gained control of Germany hundreds and thousands of people were being killed. The United States only solution was to build the bombs and stop him from hurting more innocent people. But, on May 8, 1945 Germany surrendered, the project still continued but the question was why? The reason was that General Leslie Grove ordered the scientist to continue building the bomb because Japan(Pearl Harbor) had become a new threat. One scientist though, named Joseph Rotblat quit the project because he thought the bomb would not be used. So when it was announced by General Grove that the project would continue so that they could bomb Japan he quit. Joseph Rotblat tried to get people to help him shut down the project, but, it was no use. Most of the people wanted to see the bombs power and if it would work or not. Rotbalt also tried to talk to President Roosevelt but failed. After seeing the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Rotblat decided to fight against nuclear weapons, and to stop people from hurting each other. He co-founded the Atomic Scientists Association of Britain, whose members were opposed to the military use of nuclear power. Dr. Rotblat could not get the government to support his ideas to stop nuclear weapon building. He kept…

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