The Bombing Of The United States Essay

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Terrorist acts have dominated the beginning of the twenty-first-century bombing, hijacking, kidnapping, and hostage-taking these tactics become common throughout the world. Countries in the northern hemisphere including the Middle East and almost all Africa are the targets of those attacks. The Western countries, the United States and its citizens suffer the most, at the end of the twentieth century, two trucks were instantaneously bombed at two US embassies in two different East African cities. And at the beginning of the twenty-first century, American citizens had suffered the worst moment of their lives, where many innocent people lost their lives. September 11, 2001, was the date that has forever changed and marked the American history. It was a four-coordinated terrorist attacked where a group of terrorist hijacked four Americans’ airplanes and crashed them at a different location on American soil. Also, this date has engraved in the heart of those family members who lost their friends and close family in these incidents. One terrorist group (al Qaeda) has taken blames for these two tragic attacked. But, what is Al Qaeda? How did it start? What were their motives for killing innocent people? What could the US have done differently to disband them? Will this terrorist organization be lessened? This paper will analyze and answer those questions to determine why terrorist organizations have exploded around the world.
In the 1900s during the Cold War era, Russia and US…

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