The Bombing Of The Terrorist Attack Ever Carried Out On 9 / 11

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The attacks the terrorist group Al Qaeda carried out on 9/11 were unlawful, uncalled for and in my opinion their attacks were not punished enough, I also believe that stricter immigration laws could prevent attacks like this from happening. The terrorist group Al Qaeda hijacked four planes on the morning of september 11, 20011. The planes being United Airlines flight 175, American Airlines flight 77, and United Airlines flight 93, and American Airlines flight 11. These planes would go down in history as those that committed the worst terrorist attack ever carried out on american soil. So why, why did al qaeda hate america so much that they murdered nearly 3,000 people.1 whilst injuring 6,000 others? And was the terrorist group al qaeda punished enough for these deadly acts? These are questions that I hope to address in this paper along with first accounts, some interesting data, and a greater understanding of what actually happened on september 11, 2001.
The attacks carried out on 9/11 were every civilians worst fear. Those that lived close to ground zero even stated that they felt personally attacked. These attacks were completely uncalled for, and completely shook the nation. These attacks wrecked so many lives, and took loved ones from those they kept near. The people 's lives that were taken on this now dreaded September day deserve to have those responsible for these acts brought to justice.
So what were Al Qaeda 's motifs? They wanted to attack symbols of american…

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