The Bombing Of The Chinese Embassy Essay

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On the night of May 7th, 1999 (Beijing May 8th 5:00 a.m), NATO threw five US JDAMs to the Chinese embassy in the district of New Belgrade, belonging to Serbia(previous Yugoslavia), without the authorization from the United Nations. This event causes that three Chinese reporters, Yunhuan Shao, Xinghu Xu, and Ying Zhu, were killed outright in the bombing. Meanwhile, other fourteen military and technological staff were killed in the basement, while the buildings of the embassy were completely destroyed. In addition, one of the JDAM was not bombed, which was demolished by the government of The Republic of Serbia in the five years later.

After that, China believed that the event was the premeditated bombing planned by the United States, which revenges for obstructing from China in their previous plans. On the other hand, previous American president Bill Clinton explained that “the intention had been to bomb the nearby Yugoslav Federal Directorate for Supply and Procurement.” (United States bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, wikipedia) and later apologized for the bombing. During the investigation stage, the statement was supported by the Amnesty International, though this agency condemned the inappropriate military action giving rise to innocent casualties. British The Observer and Danish The Statesman, both newspapers, however, claimed that NATO planned deliberately this tragedy for hitting the embassy, which might be a radar signal station.

[Yunhuan Shao…

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