The Bombing Of The Bombings On Hiroshima And Nagasaki Essay

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Every year when the anniversaries of the U.S bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki come around, Americans begin to ask themselves was it a right to bomb Japan in August 1945. The first explosion on Hiroshima nearly destroyed about four square miles of the city injuring roughly 40,000 people and killing another 90,000. A couple days later the second bomb on Nagasaki murdered about 37,000 and wounded another 43,000. Both of the bombs killed around 200,000 civilians. It seems every year farther away from that horrible event, we begin to think were we wrong? 1945, during the war Americans encouraged the bombing; Decades later that is not the case. Should America apologize for the use of the nuclear bombs? My answer is yes, Japan was already defeated militarily.

The bombings on japan were not necessary. The country was already down bad after their navy and air force was destroyed. The U.S ranged its will all over the country. Bombers poured down havoc on the cities of japan leaving it to ruins. The only thing that was left were workshops and factories that were barely operational. July of 1945 more than a quarter of the houses in Japan were annihilated. Transportation in Japan was already non existent due to the attacks prior to the atomic bombings.Goods and raw materials were running low and oil has not been available a month before the bombings. Food was meager which lead the country to a sub starving diet. Even though all of this was happening that was not enough.…

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