Why Is The Dropping Of The Atomic Bomb Justified

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From a 21st century perspective there is a lot to consider when discussing the dropping of the atomic bomb on Japan. When choosing to bomb an entire nation to shambles to protect personal interests one has to look at all the accounts associated with it. While the united stated may try to rationalize the reasoning behind its actions, the bombing of Japan during World War II will never be justified. The moral obligations of the United States to the rest of the world are too high for the United States to use its powers for such evil. One of the proposed reasons for dropping the bomb was its effectiveness in ending the war. The other side uses this argument as their reasoning to justify dropping the bomb. While it may have seemed like a good enough option at the time, considering the ramifications now it simply was not worth it. The United States is such a great nation and for …show more content…
Looking at it from a 21st century perspective, when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor it was done so on a military base. Japan’s bombing is considered one of the casualties of war as countries during wartime attack each other’s military in order to weaken them. However, the American response was to attack Japan to devastation so that they wouldn 't be able to recover. At this point America had already bombed Japan many times before actually considering the atomic bomb. Using the atomic bomb was rash decision to end the war before thinking of all the casualties. The United States decision to use the atomic bomb on Japan doesn 't seem to justify the ending of the war. The loss of civilian life and effect on citizens for decades after the bombing are one of main reasons why the united states should have altered their decision at the time. The United States claims to be a great super power and mitigator in times of distress however their decisions regarding the status of Japan prove

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