The Bombing Of The American Embassy And The 9 / 11 Terrorist Attacks

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a. Help students understand the role ideology has played and continues to play in shaping world events: This course goal was accomplished for me when we did the topic of Osama bin Laden and his hatred for the United States. Because the United States is a liberal, capitalist society where everyone has the freedom to do what they want, Osama bin Laden hated that. He felt as if a country should have control over every aspect of its citizens’ lives. His hatred for American was carried out in a series of events such as the bombing of the American embassy in Tanzania and the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
b. Help students understand the continuing impact of imperialism and the colonial experience on shaping national development in the non-western world: This course goal was accomplished for me when discussed Britain owning the nation of India. Britain had controlled India from the 1800s to 1947 and because of that, India was vital to Britain’s economy. Britain was in good standing with India as it’s colony because India provided Britain with taxes, workers, soldiers and, also, raw materials. This gave Britain the money it needed to develop its country and build railroads and communication systems.
c. Help students understand the positive and negative consequences of globalization: This goal was accomplished for me when we discussed the economic integration of the European countries. Europe decided, after, World War 2, that it would be best for all European countries to work together…

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