Essay about The Bombing Of Pearl Harbour

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The bombing of Pearl Harbour on the 7th of December, 1941, was the decisive moment that made the United States of America join World War Two. During and after the Japanese bombed Hawaii, America responded to the attack in different ways many times. The United States responses varied in effectiveness but all ended by turning in U.S. favour. [[EVENTS]]
The U.S naval officials placed in Hawaii decided that the best response, at the time, was to fire at the Japanese bomber planes and submarines using the anti-aircraft battle stations and other weaponry upon the ships which were stationed at Pearl Harbour 's 'Battleship Row '; the place that had been chosen as the Japanese ' primary focus for the first wave of attacks. By 10 o 'clock a.m, the same day, the remaining three hundred twenty-one Japanese aircraft had returned to one of the six carriers and were heading back to Japan, having lost twenty-nine planes to U.S fire. United States Naval had lost over six times the amount of aircraft, and ships, the Japanese had; losing one hundred ninety-six ships and aircraft. Despite losing over two thousand American lives, the sailors and airmen were able to bring down 8.28 percent of Japanese planes, sink all five submarines, and capture the first Prisoner-of-War in WWII for the U.S. These numbers could have increased if the U.S Naval hadn 't taken direct action in retaliation for the bombing, therefore making their decision successful.
The day after the fatal attack on Pearl…

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