The Bolshevik Revolution Was Caused By World War I Essay

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During the eleventh century the power of the government was held by the dukes of Kiev. In the year 1240 the government was then overthrown by the Mongols and split into numerous regions. Following in the fifteenth century Muscovite Czar is believed to be the founder of the Russian State. Peter the Great who followed Muscovite in power is then seen to have aimed reform at westernized regions and extending Russian boundaries further west. At the age of 52 Peter died from an infection of gangrene. Following Peter was Catherine the Great who continued Peter’s dynasty of expanding west. She attained the regions of present day Crimea, Ukraine and a part of Poland. After the close of the eighteenth century Russia had a new leader Alexander I, who gained numerous amounts of land over his reign of power which included Finland and Bessarabia. In the middle of the nineteenth century Russia underwent more change by pushing its borders to the Pacific and into central Asia. The Bolshevik Revolution soon followed in the twentieth century due to World War I.
The Bolshevik Revolution was caused by World War I and Russia’s pitiful involvement in the war. Russia’s army stood no chance against the industrialized Germans and lost more soldiers than any other nation in any previous wars. Leader Nicholas II was executed along with his family by revolutionaries whom were led by the Vladimir Lenin. Lenin launched a bloodless revolution against the temporary government. The Bolsheviks occupied…

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