Essay on The Body, The Soul, And The Spirit

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Every person born on this planet consists of three unique components, the physical body, the soul, and the spirit. It is these three entities that guide us through our entire lives. However, throughout human history these entities have been portrayed in vastly different spectacles. From the age-old tale “Faxelange” by Marquis de Sade, to the much more recent short story “Boys and Girls” by Alice Munro, the body is depicted in a profound and distinctive way. These stories show a trend in how society has viewed genders over the past few hundred years, as well as the evolution in the role that each gender “should” embrace. Thus, males and females have been seen as polar opposites of each other, as well as being seen as extremely comparable. Gender is described in The Creation of The Patriarchy as "a costume, a mask, a straitjacket in which men and women dance their unequal dance" (Lerner 238). This quote is in line with the views portrayed in both short stories by referring to a “straitjacket” that restricts genders and causes them to be portrayed unfairly. This restriction and restraint society has placed on genders can be seen from the earliest glimpses of human evolution, and are expressed vividly in these short stories.

The story of “Faxelange” is a typical example of how a women’s body is represented as a prize for males to compete for. During the time that “Faxelange” was written, it was custom for female’s to stay home and take care of the family and for the male to…

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