The Body Needs For A Healthy Lifestyle Essay

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Most people would prefer to write about cute and fluffy animals like the bald eagle, which represent democracy and freedom in America. However, due to the fascist, communist biology regime at Trinity Bible College that has seemingly seceded itself from the rest of America people cannot write on cute fluffy animals. This leads them to write on other topics pertaining to biology, such as nutrition. This includes the foods that the body needs and how the body breaks them down. Proper nutrition is vital as it can have a lasting effect for someone and promote a healthy lifestyle. There are several vital nutrients that the body needs for a variety of purposes. There are six types of nutrients that are bodies need that are vital to human life. These nutrients include, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water. Each of these hold a specific purpose and aid in something within the body for a specific function. While each of these has a function within one’s body, it is also important to know how one can apply these foods structurally to their lives and how they aid different parts of the body for different purposes.
The most important food nutrient for the body is carbohydrates (carbs). Without carbohydrates, people’s bodies could not function. Carbohydrates have a few main functions within the body. First off, they provide people’s bodies with energy in the most efficient way compared to other nutrients. It provides energy for one’s metabolism.…

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