The Body Language Essay

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No matter how far we’ve come as a society, everywhere you look, there’s always going to be a battle for who is the dominant of the two sexes placed here on Earth. We see it daily in advertising, whether it’s on television, on a billboard or in a magazine. We live in a society where equality is a distant thought, and the struggle to become the more superior gender is timeless. Women and men alike use the same products on a daily basis, but each product is presented differently. Take the ads that appear above this paragraph. Both advertisements are for the same product, but each product is marketed differently to try and sway a specific sex based simply off of the body language portrayed in each photo. The first advertisement is targeted toward the male gender. We can sense this by the way the ad portrays the male as being an Alpha, and the gorgeous female is fawning over him for his masculinity, seemingly lost in the aroma he eludes, and while her touch to his cheek seems soft and genuine, his hands are grabbing the back of her head can be deciphered as one with forcefulness letting her know exactly who’s boss. Is it evident that this man smells absolutely delicious and every woman in their right mind who want to ravage him for wearing Versace? Sure. Or at least that’s what the ad promises. The ad reminds men that wearing Versace will ultimately make them irresistible and nude women will magically flock to them just for wearing their product. There are other signs of…

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