The Body Language And The Bad Body Essay

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Body Language Rolling eyes, arms crossed, and sighing are all examples of bad body language. A person can have both good and bad body language. A person could not be in a bad mood, and because they had body language it seemed as if they were being disrespectful. Many people do not realize this but they need to figure it out before it is too late, if they learn one thing from reading this it should be that actions speak louder than words. Learning this and applying this to ones life will help them dramatically. Many people might think that there is only one type of body language; however there are two types, the good body language and the bad body language. They might think that because no one ever tells a person to adjust their good body language, only their bad. Let`s start with the body language that almost every one has trouble with the bad body language. All of these examples are when a person is in the mitts of having a conversation with another person or multiple people or also being interviewed by a future boss. Lots of people stare when they are uncomfortable or are not interested in the conversation. Usually when a person stares they are not staring at any particular thing they are simply just staring in any direction so they are not focused or engaged in the conversation. The person is just considered rude when they are not involved in the conversation. However, if a person does this while in an interview it seems as if you are not interested in…

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