Essay on The Body Is A Body

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When asked for his definition of the human body is, Eduardo Galeano said, “The Church says: the body is a sin. Science says: the body is a machine. Advertising says: The body is a business. The Body says: I am a fiesta.” This quote ties into the depiction of the female body in Alice Walker’s novel Meridian. Walker paints the human body as a vital element in the Civil Rights Movement during the 1960s in her novel Meridian. The novel’s protagonist, Meridian, struggles with internal and external struggles throughout the entire novel, thus leaving her body feeling battered and bruised. While Walker’s novel was met with much critical acclaim, some critics were rather dissatisfied with the ending of the novel.
Meridian continually stresses her desire to put her body on the line for the Civil Rights movement and Walker leaves the reader with the lingering feeling that Meridian does that exact action, thus leaving a few critics unimpressed with the conclusion of the novel. Shortly after Meridian was published Marge Piercy expressed her displeasure with the ending of Meridian by stating, “I do not find the ending successful. Walker consciously rejects death. Meridian’s political commitment is not to end in martyrdom: there have been too many martyrs to her cause. Still we need some equivalent of a death or marriage to round off a tale, and Walker has not found one here (12)” Meridian does not need to go out in some flashy way with a dramatic death scene or happily ever marriage, that…

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