The Body As A Form Of Art That Extrapolates Ones Identity Essay

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The body is a form of art that extrapolates ones identity. It is through the identity of the body, that the society dictates the treatment of individuals. Ovid declares in his opening statement of the Metamorphoses, “to tell of bodies changed into new forms.” The body is consistently changing or shape-shifting, like the Greek characters, thus changing ones identity. And with the change of identity come the change of treatment of the self. Ovid’s proposition in his Metamorphoses, In the Flesh by Victoria Pitt, Plato’s Symposium: “Ladder of Love”, and Bodies Under Siege by Armando Favazza , convey the notion of body modification as it relates to the treatment of the identity of Gregor in Kafka’s’ “Metamorphosis”. The significant alteration of Gregor’s body changes Gregor’s identity and the treatment he receives from others, especially his own family.
In Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Ovid proposes, “My mind is bent to tell your bodies changed into new forms.” In other words, he claims that the body can be modified into different forms, shapes, and structures. His usage of the terms “bent”, “changed”, and “forms” all in the one sentence depicts his perception of the body and the changes in the creation of the body: from rock to land to sea to heaven to the underworld (5-6). Each creation alters the way the body functions and each creation alters the way the body is defined and identified. His usage of shape-shifting Greek mythological characters to portray the body’s susceptibly to…

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