The Body And The Mind Essay

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Descarte begins by making two very clear distinctions between the body and the mind. The mind is a nonmaterial essence that can exist without the body and will last forever. In contrast the essence of material things like the body are extend things that are void of the capacity to think. He defines the body as a mode of himself. He upholds that all he knows for sure is that he is a thinking thing and that thinking is the only thing that makes him exist. So nothing else can be identified with him, for example the body. According to him the body does not confirm that a person exist because you can doubt you are an extended thing but surely it is impossible to doubt that you are a thing that thinks. Why does Decarte want to make such a clear division between two things just to say later that these things are joined together? As he puts it “ I am present to my body not merely in the way a sailor is present in a ship, but that I am most tightly joined and, so to speak commingled with it, so much so that I and the body constitute one single thing.” How is it possible that a nonmaterial thing is joined with a material thing?
Firstly Descarte believes the body exists because it is something he perceives and we know that anything he can perceive is put there by God and since God doesn’t deceive we know without a doubt that the body exist. Descarte believes that humans specifically have a combination of mind and body where the mind is in control of certain body organs. We can…

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