The Body And Roles Of The Organ Systems Essay

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The body and roles of the organ systems are interlinked; together they work in maintaining homeostasis. In the event of arduous or prolonged exercise, such as running a marathon. The body’s systems such as the, digestive, musculoskeletal, respiratory and circulatory, must work together to meet the demands placed upon the runner’s body.

Firstly, the process of the digestive system can be broken down into four sections, ingestion, digestion, absorption and assimilation (Toole, Toole and Toole, 1999). Any food or drink which is ingested travels through the alimentary canal. It is aided by associated organ structures, where it undergoes mechanical and chemical means to achieve assimilation within the body for cellular respiration and the production of energy (Mader, Windelspecht and Cox, 2014). Prior to running, the body must ingest a high carbohydrate based meal with some proteins and fats approximately 3-4 hours before; and ideally a 200 calorie snack 1 hour before. This organised consumption of food and liquids affects the overall energy production within the body during the marathon.

As the ingested food is broken down to form a bolus by enzymes such as amylase; it is pushed into the stomach by peristalsis via the muscular system (Toole, Toole and Toole, 1999). The bolus enters the stomach and then undergoes both, mechanical and chemical digestion as the muscular system contracts the stomach, and also due to the activation of the pepsin enzymes by the hydrochloric acid…

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