The Board Of Advisors And Business Partners Essay

1984 Words Nov 17th, 2016 8 Pages
This memo is to inform the board of advisors and business partners of Reese-Son Live in Peace, LLC of the opportunities that are possible if the company relocates its headquarters to another state.
Reese-Son Live in Peace, LLC is a mix online/retail company that produces inspirational backpacks that is geared to remind individuals to lead a positive life. Our motto, positivity can’t come in me if negativity still lives in me has motivated us to bring positive inspirational energy into our consumers’ lives. Created in a time filled with anger and sadness, our partners at Reese-son Live in Peace, LLC joined together to create a symbol of joy, a self-expressive visual backpack that can be seen on a day to day basis around the United States. Our mixed online/retail based company allows consumers to send our team pictures of things that inspire them, which our creative team creates an inspirational visual backpack that they can use in their daily lives that remind them to stay positive and inspired by life. Furthermore, soon we will see financial growth because our advertising/marketing team has taken an aggressive approach to increase customer awareness. Our backpacks cater to all demographics such as men, women, and children. Our variety of options allows for our products to be used as a fashion accessory, for school, or physical activities purposes.
The qualifications that were taking into consideration during our research focused on the following: Demographic,…

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