Essay on The Bluest Eye Center On The Eyes

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As children, our parents are parents are everything to us. Our world revolves around them and we need them for everything. We depend on them as we grow. Not only for physical things like food and clothing, but we unknowingly depend on them to provide affection and love as well, which in turn creates the skeleton of our emotional being. The Bluest Eye centers on Pecola Breedlove, a young African American girl that wants more than anything to have blue eyes. Sure, she’d like to have lighter skin, maybe a little less nappy hair, but more than anything she wants blue eyes. Not just plain ol’ blue. The bluest possible. She believes if she has blue eyes she will be worthy of love, and she will find happiness. At eleven years old, Pecola already believes she isn’t good enough how she is and that she needs to change her appearance in order to be worthy of these things. She’s already concluded that she needs to get those blue eyes, and that’s the only solution. But where did that idea come from? At her young age, it’s highly unlikely she came to that conclusion on her own. In The Bluest Eye, Toni Morrison shows the dysfunctional cycle of abuse and violence that can occur when there is a lack of a healthy, supportive family unit. Children that are subjected to abuse have a higher risk of becoming abused, violent, or suffering from health issues as adults. Pecola is mistreated by almost everyone in the book. She’s constantly made fun of by the kids at school. They call her ugly, and…

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