The Blues By Alan Lomax Essay

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Alan Lomax once said, “ Blues has always been a state of being as well as a way of singing”. (Lomax IX) Blues music started in the African American community as a way of expressing the weights upon their hearts.These songs were their interpretation of their protest against discrimination. Blues is a genre of music that began around the nineteen hundreds, which have impact our world by giving a voice to the Afro Americans. The blues was a key factor in the intergration of whites and blacks in 20th Century America. The blues commenced in the deep south like Delta Mississippi, known as the land where blues had began. Beale Street in Memphis known as the home of the blues. Afro Americans in the south who were alienated and mistreated, wrote songs about their feelings, songs of love, happines and the feeling of unequalness. Other musicians were into Jazz and other genre of music, “ these songs are not the expression of the Negro people in America as a whole” (Wright 182). Some protest and others used different ways to be heard. Compared to other musics, the blues had its own texture, consisted of grass music, jazz, Rock and Roll and the best of all blues music had soul. The songs expressed the writers raw emotions. During 1942 writers and music producers from across the country were looking for blues singers to recognised them and made their music known across the country.
Throughout this period, segregation was strong in the deep south, made it hard for the white…

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