The Blue Spider Project Essay

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7.1.1 Group Assignment 1 Due date: 20 /05/2012

Complete the assignment below after reading attentively through the case study The Blue Spider Project (which appears after the assignment questions):

After the final testing and the programme report were completed, Henry Gable decided to look back with introspection and identified a number of challenges along the “Blue Spider Project” life-cycle which were not clear but in need of solutions (for example: project manager qualification; authority of a project manager; functional employees of the customer and contractor communication set-up; project management system). He realised that Parks Corporation (PC) was in need of professional help if it wanted to face future
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In January 2011, Parks Corporation decided to compete for Phase I of the Blue Spider Project, an R&D effort that, if successful, could lead into a US$500 million programme spread out over 20 years. The Blue Spider Project was an attempt to improve the structural capabilities of the Spartan missile, a short-range tactical missile used by the US Army. The Spartan missile was exhibiting fatigue failure after six years in the field. This was three years less than what the original design specifications called for. The Army wanted new materials that could result in a longer life for the Spartan missile.

Lord Industries was the prime contractor for the Army’s Spartan programme. Parks Corporation would be a subcontractor to Lord if they could successfully bid and win the project. The criteria for subcontractor selection were based not only on low bid, but also on technical expertise as well as management performance on other projects. Park’s management felt that they had a distinct advantage over most of the other competitors because they had successfully worked on other projects for Lord Industries.

The Blue Spider Project kick-off

On November 3, 2010, Henry Gable, the director of engineering, called Gary Anderson into his office.

Henry Gable: “Gary, I’ve just been notified through the grapevine that Lord will be issuing the RFP

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