The Blue Spider Project Essay

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The Blue Spider Project

6. Is it true when you enter project management, you either go up the organization or out the door?
Yes that is the truth, because there are only two places you can go from program management, namely up to the organization or out the door.
There are only very few engineers who failed in program management and permitted to return to the project. In real life, failing managing a project means you will get fired in most cases. In this case the project manager should count himself lucky of getting back his job as an engineer.

7. Is it possible for an executive to take too much of an interest in an R&D project?
Yes it is possible, but it is more important that the project manager concentrates more on the
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It is a tricky task to select the most suitable project management methodology due to the fact that there are a few dozens of factors that should be considered. There is no good or bad methodology only the most suitable one. I believe that the missing communication and the violation of protocol were the main reasons for the above mentioned problems. Some methodologies could be the crystal method and waterfall method. The crystal method focuses on communication, while the waterfall method focuses on the protocol issue. However, the above mentioned problems would not occur if there was a good communication between the responsible people. A project manager who can communicate thoroughly and effectively with his team, his customer, and his company leadership will go far. He will have a higher degree of customer satisfaction. His team will be better engaged and understand what is expected of them. So in this case study the project manager is one of the people to be blamed.
18. Can a singular methodology for project management specify morality and ethics in dealing with customers? If so, how do we then handle situations where the project manager violates protocol?
When it comes to project management, ethics which are defined as the moral values and beliefs, are extremely important in gaining the support of the project team and customers. It is so

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