Essay on The Bloodiest Of World War II

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Corporations have difficulty keeping a positive light shone on them, to the point where they have been diagnosed as psychopaths. Psychopaths typically show no empathy or compassion for others, feel no guilt for their actions, and can act irresponsibly or impulsively continuously. The Corporation outlined this theory on many different companies, such as Coca-Cola, Monsanto, and the Cochabamba protests in 2000, where instances of gross mistreatment of employees, deceit, and guiltless actions were highlighted. Although countless companies have checkered pasts, one seemingly innocent company stands out strong, that company being IBM. Throughout IBM’s history, there have been incidents of irresponsible behaviours, lack of empathy, and difficulty of conforming to social norms. This and more has led IBM to be classified as a typical psychopath. The darkest chapter in IBM’s history was situated in Germany, during the outbreak of World War II. Concentration camps and the Holocaust were in the developmental stages, and it was IBM who allegedly started the Holocaust. The camps, namely Auschwitz and Krakow, used IBM technology to create the “punch card” system; at the time, an advanced system that recorded information, such as the name, age, and codes of the prisoners. Certain codes determined the prisoner’s fate, with Code 6 meaning “extermination”, generally by gas chamber. The machine, known as the Hollerith machine, created cards that were used to create a census on the prisoners…

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