The Blockbuster True Crime By Truman Capote Essay

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Fear is a reoccurring topic in Truman Capote’s in In Cold Blood. The blockbuster true crime published in 1966 talks about a mass murder. The portrayal of the murders by the motiveless murderers Dick Hickock and Perry Smith were done on the idealistic and perfect family, the Clutters, in their own home town of Holcomb. The town of Holcomb is peaceful with few visitors where everyone is quite fond of each other. Although the crime has immediate victims, it produces a very big impact on the surroundings. The murder of the Clutter family creates a fearful atmosphere in Holcomb which transverses throughout the whole state of Kansas. The murders bring great fear, to the Holcomb inhabitants, Dick and Perry’s families.

First, the murder of the Clutter family did not make them the sole victims but also made the whole town of Holcomb victims. The town of Holcomb is in the state of Kansas with inhabitants that are peaceful in tranquillity. Truman Capote states “The inhabitants of the village, numbering two hundred and seventy, were satisfied… quite content to exist inside ordinary life”. Their ordinary lives where disrupted by the murders causing a grave negative impact. The town’s folks had once lost this hard-earned peace and transformed it into a total chaos. Capote states ‘’ theretofore sufficiently unfearful of each other to seldom trouble to lock their doors’’ making the town’s folk fearful of each other. The act of killing the Clutter was a complete shock to them since they…

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