The Blind Side Essay

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Sociological Perspective of the Blind Side

Social problems within our society continue to arise. In an ideal world, it is appropriate to say that as individuals we all wish to live life in peace. Unfortunately, getting a whole nation to come to a consensus is nearly impossible. Social problems are controversial societal or behavioral related issues, which can affect the environment, people and social institutions (Leon-Guerrero 2013). These social problems can range from global concerns to racial issues such as discrimination and through our sociological imagination we are able to differentiate problems using our own discretion (Leon-Guerrero 2013). Choosing a movie to analyze from a sociological perspective was an interesting
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In Michael's circumstance, having an absent father and a mother addicted to drugs unable to care for him, makes him fall under absolute poverty. This means that he was unable to provide for himself, he was homeless without a job and this was because he continuously ran away (Leon-Guerrero 2013). The poor are commonly known as “racial and ethnic minorities in certain geographic locations with households ran by single mothers” (Leon-Guerrero,2013, p.39). Focusing on single mothers from a feminist perspective, women are portrayed differently in the media as abusing the help that they are receiving from the government. According to Gilens, in the book social problem, media is responsible for creating an image of minorities, more specifically black people, being in poverty. During the civil rights era there was a "racialization of poverty." This meant that when media wanted "heightened sympathy for the poor, it more than likely included those who were white and of a higher class. On the other hand blacks where depicted to be unproductive and abusive to their welfare, and they were mainly seen on topics that related to poverty (Gilens, p.52). It is interesting to see how the media, more specifically the news outlets can skew information depending on what they want the viewers to know. Michael's mother was a single mother who could not care for

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